Past Events

“Cronies” – Mixtape: Fury Road, PianoFight November 2018 

“Keepsake Funeral” – Mixtape: Fury Road, PianoFight November 2018 

“Organ Debt” – Off-Broadway, Off-Book, Stage Werx October 2018 

“Clomiphene or Another Infertility Drug” (poem) – ReproRights, B8 Theatre October 2018 

“Nice Guys” – Pint Sized: Abracabeerme, PianoFight September 2018 

“The Modern Hell” – Shortlived VII, PianoFight June 2018 

“Soft Hands” (poem) – Featured Poet at Abrams Claghorn Gallery June 2018 

“Non-Confrontational” – May Music/Scene, PianoFight May 2018 

“Hadad” – Olympians Festival VIII: Mediterranean Cruise, Exit Theatre October 2017 

“Ra” – Olympians Festival VII: Harvest of Mysteries, Exit Theatre October 2016 

“Running, Running, Running” – Transfer Magazine #109 May 2015 

“Speak” – SFSU Spring Fringe Festival March 2015 

“Dead Man’s Pager” – SFSU Shotgun! Festival of Plays April 2014 

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